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Adopt A Maya


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Do you think Maya is cute? Wish you had one? Well, now you can Adopt A Maya. In order to adopt Maya, you must have a family friendly web site. Maya is young and needs a safe, happy environment to live in. You must agree not to alter Maya in any way. Do you meet those requirements? Then adopting a Maya is easy.

Choose the Maya you like best and "right click" on the image. Choose "save as"‚ and save to your computer. Please make sure to upload the adoption graphic to your server and do not just hotlink the graphic back to the Here There Be Mice…© web site server. Please do not alter the Here There Be Mice…© adoption graphics in any way. Do not resize the adoption graphics. Please link the adoption Maya graphic back to Here There Be Mice...© at so that she can always find her way home. 

Maya loves her mouse friends and it would be really nice for her to come back and visit often. You may even adopt more than one Maya if you like. If you choose to Adopt A Maya, please take a moment to drop us a line and let us know where Maya is. After all, her little friends would like to come and visit her too. You can E-mail us and let us know where Maya is, by clicking here.

If you don't have a web site, but you really want a Maya, she may be used as an e-mail tag as well. Again, she may not be altered in any way.

Maya is copyrighted and trademarked property of Here There Be Mice...© with all rights reserved. 

Adoption Maya Rainbow
Adoption Maya Picture Frame
Adoption Maya License Plate
Adoption Maya Postage Stamp
Adoption Maya Patriotic Ring
Adoption Maya Pot Holder
Adoption Maya Golf Ball
Adoption Maya Yellow Star
Adoption Maya Ship's Wheel
Adoption Maya Chinese
Adoption Maya Light Bulb
Adoption Maya Paw
Adoption Maya Compact Disc
Adoption Maya Life Preserver
Adoption Maya Explosion
Adoption Maya Floppy Disk
Adoption Maya Balloon
Adoption Maya Basketball
Adoption Maya Dinner Plate
Adoption Maya Computer Monitor
Adoption Maya Ball Bearing
Adoption Maya Christmas Ornament
Adoption Maya Doughnut
Adoption Maya Flower
Adoption Maya Photo
Adoption Maya Full Moon
Adoption Maya Wagon Wheel
Adoption Maya Traffic Sign
Adoption Maya Car Tire
Adoption Maya Pink Heart


Adoption Logo

Here is the adoption logo if you wish to use it.

Please link the logo and all the Adopt A Maya graphics to:


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