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Award Program Application


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In consideration for those users who cannot use forms, all submissions to the Here There Be Mice...© Award Program will be done via E-mail. To apply, just click on the picture of Maya The Mouse™ located below, and provide us with the following information.

Please make sure to include the following information in your submission E-mail:

  • Your real name
  • Your E-mail address
  • The name of the web site being nominated
  • The URL of the web site being nominated
  • Where you are located (state/country)
  • Your age (to comply with C.O.P.P.A.)
  • Are you able to accept E-mail attachments
  • Where did you hear about the Here There Be Mice...© Award Program
  • A brief description of the web site being nominated
  • Why does the nominated web site deserve to win this award


If your submit an application for a Here There Be Mice...© Award, you are saying that you have read, understood and agree with all the CRITERIA of The Here There Be Mice...© Award Program. Here There Be Mice...© will visit the nominated web site as soon as possible for review. If you win, you will be notified of which award you have received. All winning submissions should hear from us within 2 weeks.

Thank you and good luck! We look forward to evaluating your site.

Maya The Mouse Application Submission Button

Click On Maya The Mouse™ To Submit A Nomination Application

If The Link Above does not work, email the required information to:

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