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Here are a few of our favorite places and products. We have personal experience with all of these and have been very satisfied with the products and services. This is, of course, just our experience and opinion and yours may vary.

To visit one of the links, just click on the logo on the left side.


Free Pets Birthday Ecards From

Pets are a part of the family. They are fun to be with, they make everyday fun. When it's your loved one's Pet's Birthday, send a wish across to him or her, it'll make his or her day all the more special. Cute puppies, dogs or cats, you'll find 'em all here. So go ahead and send these bow wow Pets Birthday wishes.
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These are the people who make all the Critter Trail cages and tubes and accessories. The cages are designed to be safe to use by even tiny mice without danger of escape. Hamsters, of course, fit nicely as well. All our cages are made by Critter Tail, as well as many of the toys, houses and treats the mice use. If used for hamsters, smell is negligible. Smell (urine) becomes an issue in the tubes with mice but not in the cages themselves if filled with corn cob base and aspen or aspen alone. Apparently hamsters will use a corner 'potty' thus negating the smell factor in the tubes. The designs are great, the products relatively sturdy. Children may need help to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Replacement parts are available from the website or in local stores.

Customer service, if needed, is prompt and courteous. We have been very pleased with the Critter Trail products and the company. The also make a line of products for larger 'small pets' such as rabbits and ferrets.

Most of the products can be purchased from local pet stores and some may be ordered online. Shipping is prompt and shipping rates are reasonable.
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Penn-Plax are the makers of S.A.M. (small animal modules), tubes and toys for pets.  We did not use any of their cages because while they state they are for use with mice, cage bars are too widely spaced to be sure your mouse will not escape.  If you can fit a standard ink pen (such a Bic©) between the bars, a mouse may fit through.  Also the cages without bars have minimal air circulation which can affect temperature and a build up of ammonia smell with mice, based on how often the cage is cleaned. That is not to say they shouldn't be used, but mice are subject to respiratory illnesses and care should be taken to keep the temperature stable and ammonia levels low.

We love, however, the Bubble Toob-A-Rounds™ and Bubble Toob-A-Loops™ and Bubble Toob-A-Straight™.  Items cannot be ordered from the site but are available at most pet stores.

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This company makes a line of Ferret Products as well as a product called Bi-Odor™. Bi-Odor™ is an internal deodorizer that is mixed in drinking water. The 100% natural blend of amino acids and enzymes made from mushrooms is clinically proven and veterinarian tested and approved. There are different formulas, however, for ferrets, cats, and small animals and it is important to use the correct one. It comes in a pump bottle and it's easy to squirt into the water bottle. We found the one for small animals (mice) to be very effective. This does not, however, eliminate all smell in tubes or wheels for mice. It does reduce the strong odor to faint odor however.
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This company makes a line of snap together toys that anyone who has kids is familiar with.  Well, mice like them too.  Mice love to climb and if you house mice in glass tanks, building things out of K’Nex gives them lots of climbing and play area.  We bought a ‘lot’ off an eBay© seller as it was less expensive and gave us more of the straight pieces we wanted.  The more elaborate the build, the better the mice like it.  Be aware, however, they are likely to chew on it.  (Another reason for buying from yard sales or lots).  The plastic won’t hurt them (it’s safe for kids) and they just gnaw it off rather than ingesting it anyway.   We’re finding it as much fun to watch them as they’re having running around on it.  The straight pieces are just the right size for tiny little mouse feet to cling to.  Tinker Toys© would also work very well (either the plastic ones or wooden – however plastic cleans easier). 

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Omniana - Award winning graphic design - Competitive prices and personalized service for all your design needs. We do logos, letterheads, business cards, slogans, website design, book covers, custom screen savers, regular screen savers, buttons, banners, DVD & CD Covers, editing and more. We can even design awards for your site to give away.

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