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'Almost A Story A Day'


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The following is an excerpt from There's A Mouse In The House ©, just one of the many 'Almost A Story A Day' © e-mails, that tell the ongoing saga of pet mouse ownership from Here There Be Mice...©.


It all started out so innocently.  There was no way of knowing where it would lead.  It seemed like such a small thing.  It was a cold day in late fall.  It was an unusually cold day for that time of year.  And then it happened.  Mouse droppings were spotted in a drawer. 

Neither of us liked the idea of killing the mouse..  But we also couldn't just live trap it and put it outside with the ground frozen.  That would  have been a slow method of killing it.  So we live trapped it and bought a cage.  We ended up with several females and two males, requiring a second cage as males fight.  A couple of weeks later, the weather warmed sufficiently that we were able to release them in a protected area where they had food and shelter available.  We found the wild mice to be fun, but of course, they were wild so we looked into having pet mice. 

Pet mice have few problems it seems.  Much of the same information we had found on the wild mice applied to pet mice.  Experts said females exist happily together and almost never fight.  Females are also far less smelly than males , and they don’t fight.  It's also recommended that you have several females as they are very social creatures and are lonely and unhappy by themselves………. and virtually never fight. 

OK…we were prepared.  We knew not to use pine bedding  but use aspen instead.  Don't feed them cheese.  Yes, you read that right.  Cheese isn't good for them either.  Cartoons got it wrong (imagine that?).  Mice need to run, a lot.  We were set there though.  The cages we own had a ball on top and a built in wheel for them to run in.  We were ready.  Fun was about to commence…. wasn't it?

So what happened next?  How many mice did we get?  Is it fun owning mice?  The humorous answers to these questions and more can be answered by signing up for 'Almost A Story A Day', where you will receive the full and often funny story of becoming mice owners as well as current stories of the mice.  (No more than one email daily and sometimes less…after all even mice deserve a day off from time to time.  Being cute is hard work!!)


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