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Our Special Friends


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The Here There Be Mice…© girls have chosen the following recipients to receive their Special Friends of Here There Be Mice…© plaque.  There is no specific criteria and this plaque cannot be applied for.

SFP Auntie Judy
This is for our Auntie Judy.  She worries about us and cares about us and always asks how we’re all doing.  She loves to see pictures of us and she likes all of us, even when we’re bad.  (We’re almost never bad though!).  Mom and Dad read us all her emails.  We like hearing from her.
SFp Misty Corton
Misty is a very special lady.  She takes care of rescued and injured tortoises and terrapins in Africa.  She used to take in other animals too, but it’s very expensive and now she can’t save as many other animals.  She does lots of good work and has saved many lives, even little mice like us.  You can learn more about her and what she does by clicking on her plaque.
SFP Ms. Giada
Ms. Giada lives in Italy.  She didn't think she’d like mice until she met us.  She thinks we’re all very pretty and that we look so soft and cuddly (mostly we are!)  She likes to read our stories and see our pictures.  She might even want to have a mouse for a pet some day!
SFP Mrs Rita

Mrs. Rita is one of Mom's friends on the computer. She lives in Kentucky (we don't know where that is, but Mom says it's too far to walk). Mrs. Rita reads all our stories and asks Mom questions about us when we do silly things. She likes to see our pictures too. We think she is a really nice lady so she's one of our Special Friends.

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