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A Snapshot A Week


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Mice are cute. We know it. You know it. They know it. Therefore it follows that mice are photogenic. (At least that's what they believe and who are we to argue?). So Here There Be Mice...© is posting a cute new picture every week. Come back every week to see what the mice are up to now. You never know what it might be. It could be your favorite mouse, or several mice or a look at a new tank design with the mice exploring all the changes. 

Don't miss one because previous pictures will not be archived or available for viewing. Those belonging to 'Almost A Story A Day' will get a weekly reminder along with the story. If you haven't already signed up for 'Almost A Story A Day' click on the link below.

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A Snapshot A Week Picture For 09-09-07
A Snapshot A Week - Fizzy And Spot Of Here There Be Mice...©

Fizzy is our 'long hair' mouse. She's not a true long hair, but she does have longer hair than all our other mice. She's sometimes referred to as 'fuzzy Fizzy'. Here she is, opening the barn door so the other mice can climb in. Isn't she polite? In the background is Spot who is investigating the new tank design.

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